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Happy Trails Horseback Riding
in Hocking Hills Ohio
Happy Trails Horseback Rides in Hocking Hills has many trails to choose from. You can ride any where from a half hour up to 3 hours or more. We have listed the most popular trails. You can choose from one of the trails listed below or any of our other trails. They can also customize one for you. They also offer pony rides for the younger kids.

Happy Trails Horseback Rides is only 4 miles from Old Man's Cave & 1 Mile
from Conkle's Hollow. - View Website for Pricing and Information
The Wilderness Trail (Beginners)
This is a total of an hour long Horseback Riding Tour. We will take you on a twenty five minute ride, then we will tie the horses off so that you can explore. You will encounter various rock formations including Table Top rock, you will also walk between 50 ft. high walls of solid rock, you will encounter caves and various other unique rock formations. We set aside ten minutes for you to explore, we then take twenty five minutes to get back to our ranch.

The Outback Trail (Beginners)
This is a total of an hour long ride Horseback Riding Tour. You will encounter various rock formations including Table Top rock, which is a unique rock formation that looks like the top of a table on a long and slender pedestal base. For pictures of the rock formations including Table Top Rock.

The Airplane Rock Trail B (Beginners or Intermediate)

Airplane Rock Horsback Riding Trails in Hocking Hills OhioThis is a two hour long Horseback Riding Tour in which you will see some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. At the half way point we will stop at the natural wonder called Airplane rock. It gets its name from its shape as it jettisons out from the hill side. It looks like an airplane nose. We will tie off the horses so that you can take pictures and use the restroom. We will then head back to the ranch. Along the way you will see dazzling rock formations and beautiful nature scenes. If we are lucky we might even see some animals playing.

The Knee Knocker Trail (Intermediate)
Knee Knocker Riding Trail in Hocking Hills OhioThis is an hour long Horseback Riding Tour. On the ride will encounter what's called the Box Canyon. You will ride back into this canyon where we will have to turn around and back track because it dead ends into a solid rock formation. The solid rock formation is on all three sides, thus the reason for turning around and back tracking a little. You will also see some small caves and maybe even a trickling waterfall.

The Buckeye Trail (Expert)
This is an hour long Horseback Riding Tour. You will see towering trees, amazing rock formations, and caves. Its name is derived from this trail being part of the Buckeye Trail. You will pass between two 50 ft high walls of solid rock. It is one of the most unique sights in all of Ohio.
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